So much to answer for.

I had no idea the man looked so geeky. Not the first to conciously go out tagging that honour supposedly goes to Julio 204. However he was the first to go all city and gain media attention. So respect is due.


It’s a stick up.

I’ve been pasting stuff up more recently rather than directly paint it on. I find it a bit easier as I can work on images at home on paper and then paste up the finished piece in a matter of minutes.

This guy takes things one step further and creates an animation using soley pased up images and some stop motion. Very smart stuff!

You want some?

Reminds me a little of late night walks home from the pub in London. There is always some knob out spoiling for a fight. This is so well done…..

Secret signs

Another example of how signs appear in the city around us. What’s interesting about this is that I’m sure much more people would have seen this, than had looked at the sign. It’s like bringing a dead space back to life again.

And here is the guy in action.


Just something about this that makes you feel at peace. It’s amazing how you can become desensitised to your surroundings and just take all the signs and other bits of info that appear on the street for granted. Maybe it’s because our surroundings are all starting to look the same, no matter where you are in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if things just became a bit more playful?

Broken Link

You see this a lot in Germany but I never saw it in the UK. From time to time, mostly when no one wants to have the space, billboards get covered in white paper. The great thing about this one is that someone had the idea to paste up the broken image link icon that you see on the net. Perfect!